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StreetMix lets you create the perfect urban road

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Here’s a cool website for those interested in urban planning and transportation. It allows users to design a street exactly to their specifications by adding sidewalks, bike lanes, parking lanes, car lanes, bus lanes, as well as medians and trees. This is a nice way to visualize the capabilities of streets and how they can best serve the public good.

The different options for street design

You can even specify street size. For example, a 40-foot-wide street can only fit two car lanes, a median, and sidewalks on either side. There’s simply no room for a bike lane on both sides, as seen below:

However, if that street is widened to 60 feet, you can add a bike lane on either side, and some nice shrubbery between the road and the pedestrians, as seen here:

Or, if the city needs a larger street to accomodate more vehicular traffic, you can…

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Main Bazaar, Paharganj

The Blue Lady#Paris-France

Qualsevol fotografia o video d’un carrer en una ciutat, poble, llogaret etc, ja sigui documental o artística, tot s’hi val en l’escenari de la fotografia al carrer. Pot ser un gènere interessant i divertit de fotografia o video, i pot proporcionar una font d’referència històrica en un futur no molt llunyà. També és una manera diferent d’aconseguir, aquí i ara, parlar amb la gent i veure d’una altra manera les coses dins dels carrers i la ciutat.

Streets In The City, un grup al Flickr.