Finding Four Lions in Sheffield

Parlar de Sheffield com una ciutat obertament «cinematogràfica» podria ser fàcilment tractat de ximpleria, però en aquesta ciutat, quan s’hi arriva, hom te la sensació real de ser en VistaVision…

Burnt Retina

Discussing Sheffield as an overtly ‘cinematic’ city could easily be mocked as daft, but this town really does feel like it’s brought to you in VistaVision. Close to the total population of Sheffield lives on a hill of some kind, and almost everyone can look out of their window, if not down their street, and see at least part of the city unfolding before them. Having the urban heart on your doorstep and the countryside beyond the end of your garden was a quality Victorian art critic John Ruskin rated in Sheffield, and while the post-war period poured a lot of concrete into the city, you’re still never too far from at least a small patch of green.

A still from the early silent film Daring Daylight Burglary, shot in Western Sheffield.Despite this the city hasn’t been overly exploited on film, with only a few notable exceptions. A new British comedy, Four Lions is the latest to make the most of the city…

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